Polska wolna od atomu
NIE dla energii jądrowej
Zarezerwuj czas 26 kwietnia!

Zapraszamy na demonstrację za powrotem do koncepcji rozwoju rynku energii pochodzącej z odnawialnych źródeł i przeciw budowie w Polsce elektrowni jądrowych.
Początek: godzina 11.30, 26 kwietnia 2011 r. Plac Trzech Krzyży, przed Ministerstwem Gospodarki.
Organizacje zainteresowane wzięciem udziału w przygotowaniu demonstracji zapraszamy do udziału w spotkaniach w każdą środę, godz. 19.00,
Green Peas eco bar & coffe, ul. Szpitalna 5 w Warszawie oraz do kontaktu mailowego. 

You are invited to a demonstration for a return to the concept of a developing energy market based on renewable resources and against the building of Nuclear Power Stations of Poland.
The demonstration starts  at 11.30 am on 26.th April 2011, at the Place Trzech Krzyży (sqare of the Three Crosses) in front of the Ministry of Economy.
Organisations intersted in toking a part in organising this demonstration are invited to attend meetings held every Wednesday at 19.00 in the
Green Peas eco bar&coffe on 5 Szpitalna street, Warsaw, or may contact us via e-mail.

Wir laden alle Interessenten zu einer Demonstration für die Rückkehr zum Konzept der Entwicklung eines auf erneuerbarer Energiequellen basierenden Energiemarktes und gegen den Bau von Kernkraftanlagen in Polen.
Beginn: 11.30 Uhr, 26. April 2011, auf dem Plac Trzech Krzyży in Warschau vor dem Gebäude des Wirtschaftsministeriums.
Organisationen, die an der Mithilfe der Vorbereitung dieser Demonstration interessiert sind, laden wir zur Teilnahme an unseren Meetings ein, die jeden Mittwoch um 19 in der
Green Peas Eco Bar ul. Szpitalna 5 in Warschau stattfinden. Wir bitten außerdem um Kontaktaufnahme per E-Mail.

Nous vous invitons à la manifestation en appui au développement de l'énergie renouvelable et contre la construction de centrales nucléaires en Pologne. Le samedi 26 avril à 11.30 h, La Place des Trois Croix à Varsovie, devant la Chambre de Commerce.
Chaque mercredi à 19h, nous invitons les organisations qui peuvent prendre part aux préparations de la manifestation.
Green Peas eco bar & coffe, rue Szpitalna 5 à Varsovie.  Vous pouvez aussi nous contacter par e-mail.

Приглашаем на демонстрацию в защиту концепции развития рынка энергии, получаемой из возобновляемых источников, против строительства в Пошьше ядерных электростанций.
Начало: 11:30, 26 апреля, 2011 г., площадь Трех Крестов в Варшаве, перед зданием Министерства Экономики.
Организации, заинтересованные в принятии участия в демонстрации, приглашием поучаствовать во встречах, организуемых в каждую среду, в 19:00 по адресу:
Green Peas eco bar & coffe, ul. Szpitalna 5 в Варшаве. С нами можно связаться по электронной почте

Σας προσκαλούμε σε μια διαδήλωση εναντίον του κτιρίου των Πυρηνικών Σταθμών της Πολωνίας,
και για την επιστροφή στην ιδέα μιας αναπτυσσόμενης αγοράς ενέργειας που βασίζεται σε ανανεώσιμες πηγές.
Η επίδειξη αρχίζει στις 11.30 π.μ.... την 26.th Απριλίου 2011 το μερος:(πλατεια των Τριών Σταυρων) μπροστά από το Υπουργείο Οικονομίας.
Οργανώσεις που ενδιαφέρονται να αναλάβουν ενα ρόλο στην οργάνωση αυτής
της διαδήλωσης καλούνται να παρίστανται στις συνεδριάσεις που
πραγματοποιούνται κάθε Τετάρτη στις 19.00 στο μπαρ
Green Peas eco bar
/ cafe στην οδο 5 Szpitalna
, Βαρσοβία, ή να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί μας
μέσω e-mail

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Get new control buttons for the coat. The 1st sign that a jacket is to get a lttle bit used lower is usually the switches. Don't get a new layer just yet. Jackets can be very expensive. Find some good new buttons instead. Sewing them on on your own and even paying out another person to get it done is far less costly.
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Tomatoes produce a healthful, effective accessory for any organic and natural backyard garden. To have the most from your tomatoes, be sure you plant them appropriately: Tomato plants and flowers will need a great deal of air and sunlight. You ought to area your tomato vegetation with plenty open air between them, and web site them in order that they find at least 10 several hours of direct lighting every single day.
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In case you are having face treatment surgical treatment, know about the requirement to ice and elevate your head after surgical procedures. Resting on a backrest or maybe in a recliner is a significantly less hazardous method to make sure your mind remains elevated compared to a stack of cushions. Make resting agreements and ice-cubes features before leaving for the surgery.
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An easy way to start fixing your poor credit is to use an individual bank card for your acquisitions rather than funds. You might feel foolish charging a tiny amount on the grocery store, but if you are able to cover the balance completely on a monthly basis, these transactions can have that you can borrow money and pay it back again promptly.
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Selection will be the liven of daily life and the very same can be stated accurate for marketing with video. Nobody is going to desire to watch exactly the same basic movie again and again, so do your very best to change it up. Maintain your video lessons different from one another to help keep your audiences curious.
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A fantastic guideline to adhere to when planting an organic and natural backyard is a lot less is much more. Although you'll wish to herb a bit more than you imagine you will require in the event of rot or pest infestations, you don't wish to overdo it since you'll end up getting considerably more than it is possible to deal with.
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As you grow older, you will likely observe that recollection is now less productive. The human head experience a decline in the amount of mind cellular material as it ages. You can get a number of actions to diminish the impact of this era-connected transform. And also hardwearing . memory distinct, for you to do activities such as crossword puzzles or enjoying greeting cards with good friends to exercise the brain. Remaining mentally and socially lively may help your intellectual procedures.
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Flossing isn't easy. In the event you have trouble functioning the floss downward and after that back again, think about picking up a product that may be "waxed." You may also look for a floss holder, which ought to help you in obtaining the floss to complete what exactly you need it to accomplish.
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